Roof Cleaning Services


  • Flat Roofs
  • Pitched Roofs
  • Awnings
  • Patios & Porch Roofs
  • Pool House Roofs
  • Garage / Shed Roofs
  • Gutters


  • Shopping Center/Strip Mall Roofs
  • Restaurant, Bank, Church Roofs
  • Retail Shops/Store front Awnings
  • Office & Office Building Roofs
  • Gas & Service Station Roofs and Awnings
  • High and Steep Pitched Roofs
  • Parking Covers / Awnings

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Roof Cleaning Near Me | Premier Sealcoating & SoftwashWe specialize in making ugly dark stained roofs look new again! Many homeowners make the mistake of assuming the only solution to their roof stain problems (caused by an algae Gloeocapsa magma) is to spend thousands of dollars on a brand new roof for their home.

Roof Cleaning is 100% SAFE and it will save you THOUSANDS! Our safe and effective Soft Wash Roof Cleaning method does not require high pressure washing (which can easily damage your roof).

Our process makes your existing roof look like new by dissolving and gently rinsing away the unsightly algae that feeds on your shingles – for just a fraction of the cost of premature roof replacement!

Remember…  Roof Stains? Don’t Replace. RESTORE!

We offer expert commercial and residential & Multi-Unit roof cleaning services in Montgomery County, PA and the surrounding areas.


We are proud to present you some of our exterior power washing & exterior cleaning projects that have behind them a great team, hard work, and very satisfied clients.

Premier Sealcoating and Soft Pressure Washing Provides Power Washing Services in Montgomery County, PA and the surrounding areas. If your not sure if we serve your area, give us a call. (215) 901-3959