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About Us


Premier Sealcoating specializes in extending the life of the asphalt while preserving the appearance of your driveway or parking lot. Sealcoating is a low cost solution that saves hundreds of dollars in repairs or replacement of asphalt, saving you money and enhancing the look of your property with a fresh new looking appearance.

We only use the highest quality materials. By using superior products we achieve superior results.  Some contractors water down; dilute their material drastically changing the effectiveness and lifespan but not us. The only thing we ever add would be the drying additives that only help the structure of the blend while promoting faster drying during cooler weather or high humidity.

Before we seal your driveway we make sure it is blown free of any dirt or sand.  Any overhanging grass or vegetation along curbing we take care of.  This is a business where you get what you pay for and we at Premier Sealcoating give you the highest quality work at an affordable price. We want your dealings with us to be pleasurable so we can build a long lasting business relationship with you. Whatever your driveway needs we have the tools and experience to restore the original beauty to your home and business. Contact us today for a free estimate. Thank you for choosing Premier Sealcoating.



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  •  How soon can I have a new driveway sealed?

    The recommended waiting time is a minimum of 6 months to 1 year after you have a new driveway installed.

  •  Why should I get my driveway sealed?

    Having your driveway seal coated doubles the life expectancy of the asphalt. It protects it against the elements like rain, snow, ice and harmful UV rays. It also protects it from gas, oil, antifreeze and any other unexpected spills that could eat away your driveway. If anything does leak on to your driveway it will eat away at the sealer first instead of your driveway.

  •  What kind of seal coat is used?

    Most of the driveways in Good to New condition use a Coal Tar Emulsion Sealer. Driveways that need a heavy coat we use a sand mix sealer to fill imperfections where needed.

  • How is the seal coat applied?

    We prefer spraying but brushing or squeegee is an option.  Spraying is only way to insure a clean, even neat job. Sidewalk curbing will be protected from overspray.

  • What is done to prepare the driveway for the sealing?

    When we arrive the driveway is blown free of any dirt or sand. If there are any oil stains we recommend the homeowner wash them down the day before to prevent the stain from coming through the sealer. This is a small time consuming task but it needs to be dry when the sealcoating is done. The cleaner the driveway before we start results in a nicer job when we are finished.

  • What is crack filling?

    Crack filling fills in any cracks greater than 1/4” wide. The seal coat will fill in all cracks smaller than ¼” wide. Crack filling does not take the place of patching. Patching can only repair portions of asphalt that have broken away from the driveway.

  • Is the crack filler visible through sealcoat?

    You will sometimes be able to see the crack filler through the sealcoating due to the texture difference of the material and driveway. This is unavoidable if you want your driveway to be protected, but we do try to blend it as best as possible.

  • When is the best time to have my driveway sealed?

    Being that sealcoating is a seasonal job, our work season begins no earlier then April 1st and finishes in Late October depending on the weather.

  • Do I need to be at home for the sealcoating process?

    No. You do not need to be present for any of our services. As long as the driveway is not blocked or parked upon, we can do the job while you are at work or on vacation and rope it off with tape and signs to keep people off during the 24 hour drying period.

  • What if it is supposed to rain the day of my appointment?

    We schedule sealcoating jobs 7 days a week (Monday through Sunday) regardless of the predicted weather conditions. The day of the sealcoating appointment we check the weather and go from there. We take into consideration what the local weather stations predict but cannot rely on them. If it is an overcast day sometimes we feel its better to reschedule then to take the chance of rain ruining a job. If by chance it does rain during or right after a job, we have power washers to clean any sealer and we recoat the driveway on the next nice day

  •  What are my responsibilities to prepare for the work?

    Please make sure your cars are out of the garage and off the driveway 2 hours before your scheduled appointment on the day the job is to be done. Please keep all pets off the driveway until dry. Lastly, make sure the sprinklers are not scheduled to come on during the 24-hour drying period.

  • How long should I keep off my driveway?

    We recommend a full 48 hours until you can park the cars on the driveway but in most cases you can walk across the driveway if necessary after 5-6 hours on a sunny day.

  • How often should I seal coat my driveway?

    The majority of my customers have their driveway sealed annually, although we suggest you have it done at least every other year to maintain the surface quality throughout the life of your driveway.

  • How should I pay for the work?

    Cash is ok if you are present during the job or you can always pay by check.

  • Do you guarantee your work?

    All of our work is guaranteed for one year, we take pride in our work and would not have as many repeat customers as we do if they were not fully satisfied with our quality.


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